journaleer homework

Week #44: A new Point of View

Do you have a pet or a child? Maybe just an inquisitive critter that wanders around your yard?This week, write at least one entry from another person/animal or thing's point of view. Pick your child, cat, or even the lamp in your dining room. Write about the day, envisioning how the thoughts would be different if coming from that person/object.

Hmm Hmm Ho Hmmmm, somebody look at me. Please look at me, i have been in this shop for so long…please look somebody. Ooh we are getting moved! Goodie maybe someone will look at me today, ooh a new 😀

Hmm Hmm Ho Hmmmm, somebody look at me, please look at me…id like to talk to you, tell you things, id like to walk with you for a while, maybe jog…i dont mind just take me home with you. I will play you music if you dont want to talk …but i could tell you how many steps you have taken, how many calories you have burnt, how far we have been together, we could have so much fun.

Hold me? Please just pick me up, put me in your hand. Look at my beautiful curves, i could help you be like me.

OOh im out of my box! Hehe that tickles, what are you doing? Ahh i can talk, "you have walked 5 steps" ahh that felt so good. Its nice to be able to use my voice again. The air on my body feels nice too, but please hold me. Put me on your belt lets go out…

Yes you have played with that over and over, im getting irritated! Take me out… please just take me out, i have been in that box on that shelf for so long please just take me out!

Take me out, take me out, take me out!

Where are you going? no…dont leave me on the shelf, please pick me up… dont leave me here… when will i see you again?

There hehe… thats my new pedometer…and yes it actually does talk 🙂 On sale in Boots lol, says it all really. Im hoping it will help keep me motivated for my race for life training. 🙂