journaleer homework

Week #37: Remember me.

Your assignment is to write your own obituary ("death announcement" in
case obituary doesn't translate well to our non-English Journaleers.)
Don't think of it as morbid, but as a reminder of who you want the
world to see when they look at you. Obituaries are about lives
well-lived, and not the death that cut them short.
So write about yourself as you would want to be remembered, or how you
think you will be remembered. What was important to you? What were your
greatest accomplishments? What aspects of your personality or passions
will people think of when they think of you? If you like, make a
prediction on how you die, and how old you'll be when you die?

Requested by my partner not to complete this home work, i respect his wishes. So yeah this week will not be completed. Off to a good start eh? 🙂