journaleer homework

Week #38: Reward yourself!

You just found someone's lost dog, and the reward is $1000. The
dog owner INSISTS that you spend it on fun things/activities for
yourself. What do you spend it on? Why?

Hmm what would i do with a $1000? Thats £562.139 GBP…. first of all i would have a Picnic for myself and my daughter 'Pud', we would invite my partner, my sister and Pud's grandparents. Of course it would have be down in the woods on a warm and sunny autumn's day as the theme will be faerie's with dressing up, lots of balloons, streamers, and glittery sparkley things, and definatly some tasty treats to enjoy. ^__^ bliss, yep im a believer! It would be lovely to have some proper family time, as my parents and sister spend most of their time out of the country and my man currently is 350 miles away.
Next would have to be a sunset balloon ride for me and my man, with a moonlit walk on the beach, just cos i feel like being romantic…awww.
Then if there was any money left i would buy some photography bits cos i like photography 🙂 or tons of books from a charity shop to set free or maybe just blow it all on art stuff for my little girl cos she is special 🙂 hehe.