journaleer homework

week #39: Words which touch you emotionally

"Words which touch you emotionally Some words are so powerful they seem to touch our nerves. They can either make us happy or sad or maybe even drive us so wild we‘ll lose control every time we hear them.
Do you have words you react to strongly?
What are they, when, why and how do you react to them?"

Hmmm.. well for starters classical and church music bring tears to my eyes, happy and sad tears. yes i know these are not words but they remind me of my Gran, who i miss terribly. When my 6year old daughter says nasty things when throwing a paddy, thankfully these are becoming more and more rare, but yea they hurt bad. These used to knock my confidence a little, and i would just want to go and sit in a dark room and think about myself as a mother! Thankfully now i don't take them so to heart.

Repeatative words get right on my nerves… again its a child thing they like to say things over and over and over lol i can loose my temper in super fast time when a kid does that. I think its because i feel pressured when they do it. I don't like to be rushed by a child as they never rush when i want them too HAHA nah that was kind of a joke. I think its the fact that no-one seems to wait for anything anymore, its all rush rush rush. Nothing wrong with a bit of waiting every now and again. 🙂

The way my Dad says 'what?' as in pardon, its the tone he uses, its very short like its your fault he didn't hear when normally he isn't listening 🙂 it really grates and he doesn't even notice he does it lol, we started calling him Victor in meldrew. I guess the way he says it also makes me feel pressured?? not really sure why this bugs me so.

When my mum says she loves me… that still chokes me up.

I think thats it really… im sure there are more or specific words but i really don't notice they wind me up until they do. So if and when that happens i shall add them here.. 😀