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Homework, Week #40: Courtesy of Calissa – Your Dream Home

This week's homework is to write about your dream home.

Money is no object. You can choose any location, any country. What is your dream home like? What does it look like? How big is it? Where is it? What little touches make it home?

What do you think your dream home says about you and your personality and values?

Hmmm *thinks hard* well i would have to go for somewhere near the sea for deffinate, i guess living in a lighthouse could be pretty cool but thats not what i would go for. Im really interested in those eco houses, i think they are built out of wood or are wood framed. I would either like my house to be built into the hillside which may make it a little chilly or on stilts, either is good 🙂 They would deffinatly have to have beautiful views, down in Cornwall might be nice, the sunsets are amazing on the north coast!. Although i think i might also like to live in New Zealand, once again both are good. Yea so it deffinatly has to be eco friendly, i have always liked really big windows and lots of indoor plants to bring the outside in. I think if money was no object then i would have solar panels installed. Im going to opt for part of my house to be built into the hillside or bank, the roof on this part could be made into a lovely rooftop garden…just so long as it doesnt interfere with the countryside to much. Then id like to have a hydo electric turbine to create my power, yay for green things :)I hear you can also get heating that works by using heat from the earths core, that sounds pretty mental too.

Trouble with me is the more i think about my dream home the more complex it gets, i would change my ideas depending on where i ended up living, and weather or not it was a house already on the market or if i won the lottery and could build bits and pieces of the above 😀 The thing is i also really like old houses with alot of character…. the type of house you can walk into and feel yea this is the place i want to live in. If i could look round peoples houses all the time i would be happy lol.

So to stop me from waffeling on all night, i think i would have to say…. gotta be green(eco friendly as much as possible), have a lovely garden for me to play about in, big windows and airy spaces, in the country…or old with alot of character and history to it but still with a garden 🙂