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Week #41: Our Daily Bread

In order to get me back on track, I'm taking KatColorado up on her challenge to come up with a homework assignment that is daily. And what is something we all do daily? We eat!

You can do this assignment one of two ways:

1) At the end of the day, reflect upon the meals you've eaten that day: what did you eat, who did you eat with, what did you talk about, etc. This is especially poignant right now, as we have at least one Muslim among us who is in the midst of Ramadan, the month of fasting. Reflect on your mealtimes: were they rushed, boring, or special? What were your thoughts and moods?


2) As you sit down to eat, write down what you are eating, in as little, or as much detail as you like. (I know food journals are helpful to those trying to lose weight, but I'm not ordering you to write down every mouthful you eat.) More importantly, jot down a note about your mood at that moment. Are you really hungry and grateful to have this meal? Do you feel rushed? Distracted? Make your mealtime a time to pause and take stock of what is going on in your mind and soul.

Now perhaps these notes are just a sentence or two: "I'm having spaghetti tonight. It is my favorite. I'm so glad this meal is easy to prepare, because I really need a chance to just relax and enjoy this meal." Or maybe you have a lot more to say.

In any case, I hope this works out for you. Remember: you can interpret the assignment anyway you choose. Have fun!

Day one: Saturday 5th November 2005.
For a change i got to eat with my daughter and boyfriend, he was down for the weekend and my daughter hadn't been picked up by her Dad yet. So we had a nice brekky of toast together. I really love having my 'family' around me, and having my man there too was an added bonus. I dont actually remember what we had for lunch, how bad is that lol. Dinner we treated ourselves. My other half is mad on curry's so i thought it was about time i got into liking them as much as he does! So yea it was a really nice indian takeaway, onion bargis, samosas, chapattis plus a load of curried meat things, dont ask me what but it was good. And a chicken tikki with egg fried rice and poppadoms! It was delicious and i was really happy to be eating it with the company i had. Awww

Day two: Sunday 6th November 2005.
Lunch was scabby chips ewww nasty, i mean i like stodgy chips drowned in vinegar but these were crispy hard and oozing with fat yuck! Lucky for me i had a healthy breakfast! I mean if anyone could get these chips wrong then they did! For dinner i did chicken kiev with mash, cabbage, carrotts and peas, i remember the cabbage as my other half said ewww and my Pud said mummy says we have to eat it, or something to that effect. It felt good making dinner for 3 🙂

Day three: Monday 7th November 2005.
Fancied a change for breakfast today, i had grapenuts. They take me back hehe also give me wind! Lunch was a pub meal, my bloke and me decided as we won't be seeing each other for a month or so we would go spoil ourselves yet again. We both admitted this was an extravigance, but we don't do it that often. We had a bacon and brie pannini with garlic gread and a tomato and red onion salad, and for pudding a slice of raspberry cheese cake to share. Tastee romantic 🙂 We talked about random things as we always do, and you know i was feeling happy as like the whole of the weekend with him.
Pud and me had a lazy dinner of fish fingers, minced beef crispy pancakes and cold baked beans, yes we like our beans cold. I felt lazy and still full up from lunch to cook anything more, she was tired from school but we still talked about her day and things.

Day four: Tuesday 8th November 2005.
Hmm i have been trying out new breakfast cereals, i have finally decided that i like special K, it has a kind of weird ricey flavour to it which when i think about it reminds me of rice cakes. For lunch i wasn't hungry as such and ended up having a cup of tomato soup with a piece of brown bread and butter. I only ever really drink tomato soup when i am ill, altho this was a cuppa soup not the thick stuff i like when im fighting off germs! Then for dinner which i really didn't want to cook, it was going to be beans on toast but then i found some soya mince and decided to make something filling and healthy. I ended up doing a kind of chilli, i fryed up some onions and garlic with some chili powder, to this i added some shreaded greens (like a cabbage but dark green) and some sesame seeds. Then added the soya and about half a pint of water. To that i added a tin of chopped tomatos and half a tin of baked beans, some peas and some sweetcorn 🙂 left to simmer for 20minutes served with brown rice…mmmmm! Why did i decide to write down how i made it? Well when i went to make dinner i really had no idea what to make and i really couldnt be bothered like i said before and then suddenly this idea pops into my head. I hadn't made that dish like that before, and altho it was a like a chilli it was also like alot of other stuff too LOL. It was really nice, clean plates all round. For pudding we had creme caramels which i never used to like but have grown on me in the past couple of years. I have this evil sweet tooth and its not just sweet its silly sweet!

Day five: Wednesday 9th November 2005.
Felt kind of guilty today, i seem to of not stopped eating. I guess i was bored or comfort eating or something, it was picky day. Pud was off school and it was cold so we snuggled up and watched videos and snacked on bits.
Breakfast was ready-brek i really fancied something warm and motherly, that sounds strange. Umm im missing my mum who is still away and fancied eating something that would bring back memories of my childhood. Then for lunch we had a sofa picnic of peanut butter sarnies, crisps and hot blackcurrent juice, with a biccy for afters. Just made something close to what Pud would take to school, infact it turned into something not as healthy :)Then i ended up snacking on some dry cereal later on.
For dinner it was leftovers from day four, but tonight we had it with wholemeal spaghetti, and for pudding we had hot treacle pudding and cold custard. This was devinely stodgy, almost but not quite as good as a cuddle…which is what i wanted all along. its half four in the morning now and i just ate a bowl of grape-nuts and some pear drops… oink!

Day six: Thursday 10th November 2005.
Today i dont really wanna eat, feeling icky flu like things, sore throat blah blah. Anyways had the usual special K for brekkie, gallons of tea. Then it was a slice of freshly baked bread with lashings of butter and peanut butter mmmm that was my lunch. For dinner we had chicken kiev without the garlic instead they were stuffed with cheese and ham, with this i did mashed potato, peas beans and broccali. Yummy once again. Then my sister brought me round a large bar of chocolate, which i stuffed and got a migraine for my sins 😉

Day seven: Friday 11th November 2005. [i forgot to wite it down… bad dinky lol]