journaleer homework

Week #42: One decision

Here is another daily homework assignment for those who enjoyed last weeks:

Each day, pick one decision you made, and reflect on how it affected your day. Also, think about how the day might have been different if you had made a different choice.

You could pick a big decision: Deciding to stay home sick, or buy a new car.
You could pick an average decision: Deciding what to do with your afternoon.
You could pick a tiny decision: what shoes to wear, or what to have for breakfast.

You might be surprised at how one decision can change the course of your whole day, not to mention how many decisions you make in a day.
Day One: Wednesday 9th November 2005.
Decided today to keep my little girl off school, she has been a bit cranky over the last few days which isn't like her at all. Plus when i picked her up from school yesterday she had a really husky voice. This effected my day in a good way, even thought she was not herself, we got a day all to ourselves watching videos, cuddling up under a blanket and just building our mummy daughter bonds a little more. It benefitted me i know that, some days i just dont want to let her out of my sight. Im not too keen on all the germs up at the school this time of year and i would rather keep her off for a few days at the start of a bug so she can have a fighting chance at not getting something worse. I don't like feeling ill and having to think so i bet she doesn't either. It was nice to have some company too 🙂

Day two: Thursday 10th November 2005.
Today seeing as i haven't got a lot of work to do till sunday! eek! lol i thought i would clean out, so i went to the cupboard under the stairs and did exactly that, infact it took me most of the day as i was looking after my poorly daughter…and i actually made my house messyier! i now have cupboard stuff from downstairs and upstairs in my hall and all over the spare room floor! Whoops…well that will give me something to do tomorrow wont it? 🙂

The rest of the week i kind of got distratcted! oops.