whats going on in the garden?

Why does every one think im mad because i have a push along mower 🙂 I like it, its quick and easy to use, quite quiet and it doesn't have 3 miles of cable to get in a knot, and its free to run, we like free! I thought it was about time i spent out on a mower even though last year i used shears to cut my grass 🙂 good exercise but it was taking me an hour at least.

A bit of sun and the grass is off… man does it grow fast when it wants too, and how come my plants don't grow as fast as the weeds? 🙂 LOL i got them sussed this year… they will not get the better of me!
The garden has sprung into action the last week or so, so it seems. Im really glad, im happy to see the back of grey skys and winter darkness. Which is weird as i spend quite alot of time up and about at night! You cant beat the sound of night time quietness 🙂
Some of the plants are giving it their all… i have to keep an eye on the clematus. They seem to prefer next door! One good thing is they grow so big there will be enough for both sides of the fence 🙂
Talking of fences, i need to get a new post, one end is leaning over and it looks tatty. Hmm wheres your landlord when you want him eh?

Was weird doing the school run after 2 weeks of holidays, the way we walk had burst into bloom. Pud and i counted over 40 different types of flowers! Hopefully the rain will stay away long enough for me to get some pictures as it looks really beautiful in places. Spring time blossoms are almost as nice as autumnal leaf colours imo, deffinatly underlining the fact that SPRING IS HERE!

I don't remember bluebells ever comming up this late in the year, but the ones around where we live are only just starting to open. The snowdrops have long gone, and the daffodils are on their way out, i thought they all used to show off together? Has anyone else noticed?

Im guessing its about time to start planting the seeds i saved from the garden last year, i dont think we are due any more frost 🙂
Pud and i also have some window sill tomatoes/peppers and chillies that need to go in. I shall keep you up to date with their progress. LOL last year we gave outdoor tomatoes a go and they never quite reached the red stage! Maybe this year we will be able to eat some. Must also remember to plant some pumpkins… my grandad used to grow me and my sister these great big ones. I would like to give it a go, Pud loves carving them out at halloween and it would be nice to carry on a childhood tradition.

Very happy Spring has sprung… garden, bring it on!