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Well now if you have read 'The phlebotomist likes me too much!!' then you will know what i am on about 🙂

Anyways… wednesday was C day. Colonoscopy day…yay! (not) It finally arrived, after i rang the hospital up and annoyed them.

So yea they sent me a load of stuff in the post. A load of medicine i really didnt want to take. LOL.

Sunday 30th April i had to follow a strict diet of nothing healthy… hehe ok so it was probably not that bad but it felt that way to me. No brown bread or rice, no fruit or veg, no red meat, no nuts, jam with pips in or foods with red colouring in. No high fibre cereal, oats, bran etc… get my drift? So i ended up having boiled eggs, bread and butter, cheese and a few cups of tea. Oh and the left over green jelly babies from Easter 🙂

Monday May 1st i had a chicken burger with a white bun and no lettuce at a certain fast food place, no not kfc… man did i want kfc! The people waiting to their food there well the line came out the door, so i went over the road to burger king. Yup im a trator and yup the burger was no where as good either. Anyways that was the last solid thing i ate. As of 2pm Monday i was not allowed to eat solids of any kind… just under 9 hours later and i had done nothing but think about food! Even had to stop talking to my other half for a bit as he was eating. How bad is that 😉 Had to take my first lot of medicine at 6pm… 50ml Senna (its a yellow syrupy sweet liquid), to get things moving Lol…grim… 23:16 and nothing has happened. Its meant to take 8-12 hours…
23.30 i spoke too soon! lol…well that only took 5 and a half hours! Senna caused me alot of pain so be warned if you plan on taking it.

Tuesday may 2nd, had a pretty good nights sleep but i felt like i had been punched in the gut. Surprisingly full of energy, which i dont normally have in the morning. So anyway i was meant to take my first lot of picolax (which says use with caution if you have Inflammatory bowel disease such as ulcerative colitis or Crohn's disease, i thought this was weird as that is what they are trying to find out, but they know what they are doing right?) at 8am, well was not gonna take half a pint of this stuff and then walk 3/4 of a mile to school! That could be of been messy! lol. So at 9.45am i drank this stuff, (kinda tangy orange flavor looks like milk.) Then over the next two hours i had to drink a litre of clear fluids. Current time of no solids = 20hours. Feelings, hmm im so full of liquid im not thinking about food. Sucking on a boiled sweet 🙂 A yellow pear drop…no red ones allowed haha.

Well, its been a weird few days… its now Thursday 4th may. On tuesday considering i had not eaten for so long my stomach only growled twice! Once at 1.30pm and again at about 9.30pm the rest of the time i was only really thinking about food beacause everyone i spoke to talked about it lol. well ok so they probably were not but it sure felt that way 🙂 My sister asked me to do some food shopping, so i ended up doing hers and mine online. That was pretty ok actually, i cant wait for it all to arrive tonight. I picked out some extra yummy treats.

So the picolax worked, you could say it worked to well…i had to get my sister to pick Pud up from school as i was not feeling so great. But after a few more hours and alot more clear fluids i perked up. Packing my bag for hospital shouldnt of been an issue but my head seemed to start to go all over the place and i ended up faffing about and it took way longer than i wanted it too. lol. I think i double checked it about 5 times! Hmmm anyways. It seems that i do not function so clearly when i am hungry, or i think im hungry. I honestly dont think my body was that hungry.

It was an early start on the wednesday, my sister arrived at 7.50am and we took Pud to a friends, they had kindly offered to take and collect Pud from school. (who said theres no such thing as angels eh? 🙂 ) Then we went off to the hospital 2 hours early. With it being rush hour and all we didnt want to take any chances, luckily we got there at like 8.30am so had stacks of time.

We found the unit quite easily, i nearly went to the wrong block thinking i was an out pacient, but sensible sister told me that i wouldnt be there as i was having a procedure done. So yea we got there, and i got signed in and had to fill in a form. After only sitting there for 10minutes a nurse came and took me off to a room to take my blood pressure and give me a wrist band and to tell me what was going to happen. Even though i had gone without food for 43 hours now i was too nervious to be hungry! She was quite a scary nurse lol, she told me off for having a few sips of lemonade, which may i add i was allowed :). After all that i got to say bye to my sister (she was told they would ring her when i was comming around after the sedation) and was taken off to a room to change into one of those nice backless nightys! They are really hard to tie up yourself so i ended up putting it on back to front and then turning it around once i had tied it up lol.

I had to then go and sit in a little waiting room with a load of other men and women all in their nice backless nightys and dressing gowns, i felt out of place. They were all alot older. But we all ended up talking about what we were going to eat when we had all had our colonoscopy's done.

Right on time a nurse came and collected me, i was asked to go to the bathroom first before seeing the doctor, i was kinda glad of this as none of the other nurses had asked the people to go, i wanted to 🙂 After all i was going to be sedated. Then it was off the the room… it was huge! Full of medical equiptment and people. Yes there was the man doctor and 3 nurses. What an audience lol. They were all really nice and commented on what a change it was to see a smiling person 🙂 I just want to know the extent of my condition and get the correct medication so i can get on with my life… no need to be sad about having a colonoscopy, they are going to try and make me better after all.

After signing a concent form and finding out that this is the doctor who looks after my mum ( she has crohn's disease) he asked me to lay down on the bed thing with my head on the pillow, you have to lay onyour left side for some reason. One of the nurses help my right arm up in the air and the doctor put a needle in the back of my hand. It pinches and feels a bit weird but no worse than when they take blood. I remember talking about my little girl and then i was asleep. Bam!

The next thing i remember was waking up in the recovery room. it must of been about 12 o'clock. I got a lovely cup of tea and two digestive biscuits… heaven!.

Total time without food…46hours!

It was weird getting dressed and going home… its very patchy but i know i felt really heavy. We left a book in one of the corridors (a top secret bookcrossing mission lol), but i dont really remember walking to the car… bits and bobs of memory 🙂 My sister looked after me, made me a yummy bacon sarnie and a cuppa tea when we got to her house, then let me sleep for about 4 hours. I dont know what i would of done without her over the last few days! THANKS SIS!!

Well im glad its over, so is my daughter. She thinks my hospital tag is really cool 🙂 yes im still wearing it. Right next to my bracelet that Pud made me and i told the hospital i was not removing it as they would have to cut it off and that was not happening. Considering i have had someone digging about in my guts i dont have too much pain, although i did feel a little queesey this morning. Now i just have to wait 6 weeks for the results…and guess what im not hungry lol.