whats going on in the garden?
Dink loves gardening… the sun was out the other day and i did some digging…

mud goes fromMud goes from here its my old grass from out the front of my house, i have to seive it to get all the old bits out of it then i take it and put it

mudhere after which i sewed all of last years seeds i saved up πŸ™‚ Who knows they might grow. Im hoping that i will get something out of my composter this year, i swear i have been putting garden waste and food scraps in it since november 2004 and it just gobbles it up. πŸ™‚ we had a look in the bottom of it the other day and it was looking pretty compost like. My pots could do with a good feed, not to mention my garden.
my rockaryThen i did this hehe ok so its not brilliant but it will be πŸ˜‰ Its a Dink rockery! I have put some hostas in as well since then… a few more bits and bobs and it will look better. The view from my back room window is 100% better already. As you can see the mud from out the front of my house is very mud like πŸ™‚ ithas alot of clay in it and holds water well, unlike the soil i am trying to grow my garden in which drys out easily and is full of grit and stuff. I guess thats good for drainage? Plants dont seem to mind as long as it rains once in a while.
bulbsOh i must not forget the bulbs i went to plant, these had been in the dark in a sealed tin for 6months! they must really want to grow. They had sprouted and kinda freaked me out lol, i couldnt get the lid off at first, dunno why but i find this creepy. Daffodils, crocus, bluebell and wild garlic. I thinned them out last year, dried them in the sun then put them in that tin, my garage must be damper than i thought lol. I put quite alot in the new rockery, i wonder if they will grow as well next year? πŸ™‚
Puds seeds Finally it was time to plant up Puds seeds, they are a mixture of peppers/chillis and tomatoes from Tesco, these are meant to be fast growing and easy to keep alive. Especially for children. We shall see :)… i thought i would give them a head start, that was on the 29th April and they have not yet sprouted, the tomato seeds i planted on the same day have just started to show although for all i know it could be weeds in the second hand soil i used lol. The seeds that are way infront are the Morning Glory 'heavenly Blue' these are a climber and by the look of it are going to grow really fast. Admittedly they did get soaked for 12 hours before planting but in 5days they are already about 1 cm high πŸ™‚
I get impacient lol. When we get some more sun im going to plant out some wild flower mix and hopefully dig a small plot for some sweetcorn. That should be interesting, im going to start them off in the house like the other seeds, i know i am leaving it a little late. The packet says i can leave it until the end of may πŸ™‚ But you know what the British weather can be like lol. For all we know it may snow in June!