journaleer homework

Week #18 01/05/06

This week's homework was submitted by mhchipmunk
Maybe a fun homework assignment would be to pick a book you'd like to be trapped in for a little while??

Think back to the books you've read in your life. Was there one that just sounded amazing, so amazing that you wish you could go there, to visit or to live? Tell us what book, and why. Maybe, if you are feeling really creative, write a short entry about your life while there.

This one is a tuffy, i wont be writing about my life in my favorite book The wasp factory by Iain Banks as it would be too disturbing. hehe. So my next choice would be Lullaby by Chuck Palahniuk. I just find the characters in this book to be interesting, and i could do with getting out and seeing some of the world, tagging along with their road trip seems like fun to me 🙂