whats going on in the garden?

Ok so i was catching up on the first two episodes of Lost season 2, i forgot how creepy i find the music 🙂 hehe, especially in one ear(via headset on the computer)…anyways i could hear this noise. It sounded like it was in the house, i wind myself up over funny noises, i went to investigate, it was not in the house but out in the garden. Phew!

So i go downstairs and put on the back light so i can see out the window… there are two hedgehogs snuffling and snorting about on my patio. The larger one is going round and round the smaller one, im hoping that the little one was the female lol. Anyways she was kind of grunty growling at him as to say go away, a very strange noise indeed. As fast as he could circle round her she had turned away faster. I dont think she wanted to play 🙂 Man are they noisey! They kind of reminded me of my guinea pigs, but prickerlier and faster!

He must of either impressed her with his dancing(? 🙂 ) or worn her down with sea sickness, cos after about 45mins of the noisey grunting they went quiet. Thinking they had gone i had a look for them… there was now 3 hedgehogs… and 2 were playing piggy back lol. Dangerous job that! He looked like he has wrestling her 🙂 she was so squished to the floor, so yea i left them to it. So yea if you hear snuffling and snorting with a kinda growly grunting, and even some high pitched yelps (im guessing she wanted him off, or her spines stuck in him) then its a case of hogs in your garden. I would of taken their picture but i dont want to scare them off or ruin their 'moment' hehe