So whats the deal? I was kind of looking forward to big brother this year in a twisted kind of way, i dont watch it all the time but a perv every now and again over the last few years has been bearable.

Well i just watched about 10minutes on the second day (9.50pm CH4) and man it really, and i mean really wound me up! What a load of whining loosers lol, don't these people even think about what they are like. I dont think i could even be in the same room as them… One girl was almost in tears, she couldnt have her eye make up remover that cost £16 something a bottle.. oh boo hoo. She acted like she was dying cos she stubbed her toe… pathetic if you ask me. There are worse things in life than not being able to take your makeup off… hehe i dont get stuck with that, i choose not to wear eye makeup, it makes me look weird like a dolly Lmao. The only reason she is on Tv must be to wind people up, amazingly she reminded me of Frank Spencer in a 2 year childs body. I expect this girl will be play acting/batting eyelashes, then if she does not get her way throwing alot of tantrums. But sadly for me i cannot suffer the pain enough to watch it.

So why did i give in and watch it? Cos my long distance bloke does *rolls eyes* he was a forum whore, now it looks like he going to be a Big brother whore Lol. Theres me getting moaned at cos i watch eastenders, i dont watch it very often now… think i might now πŸ˜€ *feeling petty, wants to be a Eastend whore hahaha* So yea getting back to my rant about BB and not my bloke (soz hun, but i dont like coming second best to some shite program!) ahem! πŸ˜‰ Oh and i watched it just so i know who this Pete is with tourette syndrome but i did not actually see him or maybe i did but his name was not mentioned.  So after stressing out completely over this looser girl, i had to notice the hats they were wearing… whats with the hats?  Some one tell me about the fookin hats!  Asked my bloke but noo he cant tell me, its to do with big brother stuff…well duh!  Like i didnt know that, man i must be really stupid tonight πŸ˜‰ So yeah big brother wants me to watch it just so i can find out what the hats are all about… ooh hold on im going to ask someone… *pause* no joy there… lol they "dont watch shite!"  I will not give in to temptation and watch it just to find out… ill ask my dad, he has to watch it religiously,well he did last year, and on sky tv you can watch them sleep πŸ™‚ which i find rather amusing.  Nope cant wait till sunday when he is home.  hmm.
whooo… im jumping for joy.  Well ok im not, but you know what i mean.  Found a place where i can get my voyeristic fix in words and pictures and not have to go near the Tv and their annoyingness πŸ™‚ happy happy. Plus i found out what the hats are about… wanna be in my gang?  How to get yourself hated in 3 easy minutes. Also found a reality Tv forum… yay πŸ™‚  Double fix hehe.
That will hopefully be my last rant on Big brother, doubt it though πŸ˜‰