whats going on in the garden?

At last most of our seedlings were ready to go out into the garden, its been umm…29th April till now is umm hehe *counts on fingers* 35days. Kinda wished i had planted our chillis 8 weeks before like my other halfs… his are already starting to bud! Ours are like only an inch tall tops… awww.

veg garden

So Pud and i set about digging a patch out in the garden, its a triangular bed that had my whirlygig washing line and a load of bulbs/weeds in it 🙂 We dug out a load of soil and put it else where in the garden, then we griddled about 2 inches down and added a nice bit of compost to lighten what is a claggy heavy clay like soil. Pud had the job of putting large pebbles all the way round the border, this was to help slow the slugs down! haha. We left some spikey grass type plants that have tiny star shaped yellow flowers on them, i dont remember their name, i did get told today but i didnt think it was an easy name to remember lol.

So first to go in out new 'plot' was a minature rose bush for my Gran. Its been just over 2 years ago since she passed away, and i miss her terribly.

Next to go out were quite a few tomato plants. Now seeing as these all look the same im not sure if they were the Ailsa Craig Tomato's or the Tomato Marmande Im going with the latter 🙂 Notice how i did refer to the seeds as Puds and now they are ours 😉 hehe. I forgot how much fun growing things can be 😀 The tomato Marmande is from the tesco – Suttons 'a taste of Mexico' easy to grow pack. £4.99. This brand may look a little lumpy but are easy to grow so hopefully i will have better luck than last year! Small green tomatos are not very tasty 🙂

Today i added a few very small pepper plants, these are also from the mexican seed pack. I dont think i have had Sweet Pepper California Wonder before, but then i do not know the name of the type from the supermarket 😉 lol. hoping that these will survive the night! Slugs seemed to like these too.
I have just realised that i may of planted them too close together, they were spaced at 3 inches like the toms… it says 18 inches here! I need a bigger garden lol…correction the toms should of been planted at 3 feet apart! OMG! deffinatly botched that up… oh well… you live and learn 😉 We shall see how they get on with being so close together. That will teach me to speed read the instructions. If i had half a brain i would be dangerous 😉 I think i will grow one of each plant in a pot just to see the difference.

I managed to make a small wigwam structure for my morning glory to climb up, there are only 3 seedlings left! all the ones that were put out in the window box with the sun fower seeds got munched by evil slugs, hence the ton of blue slug pellets, only toxic to slugs may i add. And finally a few nasturshums got highjacked from out of my 'rockery' as i like the splash of colour they add to the garden.

Here is how my 'rockery' is doing now…ok will have to get a better pic in the morning watch this space 😀 – (rockery a while back.) 😀 that plant seems to like it there and the wild seeds have really popped up, although the nasturshums are getting leggy due to the tree over shadowing them. Survival of the fittest i say 🙂 Grow plants grow.

Finally my choice for plant of the month in May would be these little things. Tiny little pansys? This plant really went for it and had what must of been over 20 blooms on it at once. I like the details 🙂