journaleer homework

Changes: Homework for the week of may 22nd 2006.Submitted by thepolliwog

Prompt #1
Finish the following sentence starter.

“It was not my place to change……..”

Prompt #2

Write down three things you didn’t do because you were afraid. What could have changed in your life if you had done them?

It was not my place to change…….
i dont think i have ever changed anything i was not meant to *shrugs* I changed, as others couldn't see that they needed to…

Three things hmmm….
afraid –
1. Filled with fear: afraid of ghosts; afraid to die; afraid for his life.
2. Having feelings of aversion or unwillingness in regard to something: not afraid of hard work; afraid to show emotion.
3. Filled with regret or concern. Used especially to soften an unpleasant statement: I'm afraid you're wrong.

i never told on my bully at school, mainly because i didn't believe that anyone would be able to make it stop. Judging by what i have heard about the bully after he left school, im kinda glad i never told as i think it could of got worse than it already was. If i had of told and it had got worse then i hate to think what type of person i would be like now, or what other scars i would have to show for it!

I guess the second one would be moving my child half way across the country to live with my partner. I dont know, Its kinda weird im not afraid as such and not for myself. So i guess it does not apply? Anyway if i was not 'afraid' of how it would affect my daughter and her dad's (already separated but regular) relationship then my life would be different. I might just be living with my long-distance long term boyfriend, so what does that say? Am i afraid of being selfish? or am i being selfish? hmm *confused* it concerned me that i couldnt get my head around moving because of how it might effect my child, im taking that as a good thing tho. *even more confused!*

Last one… this is hard! Ok afraid is really not a word i would use…nope ok im missing out number three. If you want to count leaving paperwork or forms being filled out as late as possible due to not wanting the results/outcome then that will be my final answer. If i got on and sorted them when they came through the post, or if i had done my homework when i got it, or revised for my exams ages before i had to sit the papers, then maybe i would have proper qualifications. But then im glad i didn't. My resits lead to a course, which lead to me meeting Puds father. If i was not the way i am then Pud may of never been born! Eeek that would be awful! and deffinatly something to be afraid of… time travel, dont do it 😉