journaleer homework

Homework for the week of june 12th 2006

Submitted by thepolliwog:

Think back through your life; What was the most outrageous thing you and your best friend did?

Hehe where do i start? If my kid did any of these i think i would freak lol. Umm ok well when i was younger i guess 14 i used to stay up really late and watch hit man and her that doesn’t sound so bad by todays standards i guess but we are going back 18 years! Then i went to youth club and started smoking. Duh biggest mistake of my lif that was… after 14 years on and off smoking it took me 3 attempts to finally quit for good (hopefully) Its been a year since i had a ciggy but man am i tempted all the time! It was not really peer pressure, no one made me, i just wanted to fit in with the other ‘different’ people…long story 🙂

Then i also went out with youth club and got so hammered on cheap red wine, that i ended up in a public toilet throwing my guts up and passing out for 4 hours. I missed my curfew and my mum ended up calling the local policeman. That so was not funny, my friends should of taken me home…but then i should of not been such a burk drinking all that plonk. I did the drinkin thing again months later with my friend lucie, we went to a party and got there early with our home made concoction of alcohol…i was out cold before the party started, and spent most of the night with my head in a bucket. I never really drank after that!

We went on holiday once with my cousins and their family, me and justy met up with these ski instructers who were alot older than us, we were only meant to be out till a certain time but missed out curfew yet again and our dads came out to find us. So what did we do? When we spotted them we ran away!! Duh. Of course we got spotted and man did i get a thrashing of my life. Tip of the day… dont run away from your dad! We were’nt doing anything bad with the instructors either, just having a laugh. I was way too inoccent to do anything else. 🙂

Then it was the hitching in cars, with my friend, we were too young to drive…then i took to smoking pot, alot of pot for about 3 years to the point where put myself off doing any other type of drugs which i watched my friends do. Im not sorry i went through that phase though, and i still stand by my thoughts of alcohol being a worse a substance than smoking pot. I have never seen anyone get a pint glass shoved in their face from someone who is stoned, or fights or anything like that. Alcohol makes people aggressive end of story. Plus i can educate my daughter before she makes those choices, something which i wish my parents had been more open minded about. Although i smoked pot for 7 years they never knew, that was until i told my mum about a year ago.

EDIT: Oh i just remembered summit! For my 18th birthday me and my boy friend at the time were gonna have a beach party, well cos our friends lived a fair way away we had tickets made up…anyways to cut a long story short… the lady that printed them, told her hubby who was a policeman and the whole of the devon police force helicopters and sniffer dogs and all turned up at the beach 🙂 we hid in the pub and denied it was even my birthday haha… they made out it was going to be an illigal rave!! duh i think not. was a laugh anyways 🙂
Then for my 21st birthday i went and got myself a tattoo, quite a big one or it was for a female when i got mine. She is beautiful 🙂


But im biased and love faeries. I guess that was one of the most outragious things i had ever done, but it was on my own not with a friend.

After that the next outragious thing was have a boyfriend who had a big motorbike 🙂 lol i have always loved bikes since being a little girl and this was a dream come true. He later became my kids daddy but that was then and this is now and i no longer go on motorbikes. Still love em though!

So yea thats about it really…. the things i class as outragious. Maybe they are maybe they arnt… most of which i dont want Pud to do… (at 7 she is already asking if she can get her ears pierced and this morning she even asked if she could get her tongue done 🙂 now piercings i can deal with Lol.) most of them she will probably try! eek. Scary thinging about the outragious things people do now, compared with when i was a kid.

Plenty many more years for me to find some new and up to date things to do 🙂

Edit: add piercing my own ear when i was 14 as well 🙂