journaleer homework

Homework for the week of june 19th 2006

Submitted by angelofthenorth
We all live in such different cities – I'd love to hear about the views from different peoples windows. That can be a metaphor – a snapshot of your day, or a physical or spiritual (looking through a stained glass window?).

What I may think of as boring, you may find fascinating because we come from all over the world, and from different backgrounds…

***Note from teacher: Maybe take an actual snapshot out your window, if you like. Then describe "a day in the life…" Or what you actually see out your window. Approach this assignment as all the others: a spring board for your own ideas.

A view of one of my days…hmm. The view out of my house window is not that an interesting one, i see a street full of houses with too many cars but very rarely see any of my neighbours… out the back of my house is my garden, i see a fence on 3 sides, trees beyond that and sky beyond that 🙂 Sky, trees and garden are good… its quiet, i like the quiet or people in short bursts, i like the countryside with quiet company or a quick noisey fix of the city or lots of people…i like the lost in a crowd annonimity thing.

If im not looking at that view out the back of my house then i guess im looking at the view from the door at work. Its a weird one, i work in a shop, a corner shop that is not on a corner, on a really busy through road that goes from the country to the city 🙂 The traffic is almost constant from 7am right the way round to 3 am! i know i used to live on that street. Its weird as i dont hear the traffic when i am at work… then you have the people that enter the shop and for a few split seconds i am witness to fragments of windows into their worlds. Tiny bits of windows that make up a colourful quilt of life fragments…i like that. Some are fragments that just come and go, others leave you wanting to know more, or put a bigger image into your head, some are just nice to look at others just make you feel good even though no window fragment is left…. others make cracks in the glass but we dont like them, they can be interesting but yea too many and im shattered 🙂 Never a quiet day at work,and yet it is 🙂 and im left wondering who is likeing the view out of their window the most…. do they notice the fragments too or only what is in their street?

I guess im a people watcher! 😀