whats going on in the garden?

Day 87 of the growing tomato experiment… *said in a big brother type styley* 🙂

Ok so they toms are 87days old today, the following info was collected on sunday 16th July so they would of been only umm…78days old? 😉 but this pic of our spanish tomatos was taken on the 22nd when the toms were 84 days old. Technical stuff eh??

spanish toms

Right then…specs as on the 16th July 🙂

Spanish Tomato.-Grown indoors on a south facing window sill up and watered every day, until sunday 16th July or 78days old… now in a 11inch wide by 8inch high pot, out in the garden, north facing in the shade till the afternoon. 2ft 6in tall… 1+1/2 inch diameter green tomato 2 tiny other ones, a few flowers…and the top part of the plant split so it is like a big Y shape.

This is it today next to my Pud… that tom has grown 4inches in 9 days!!! A whopping 2ft 10 from the soil up.

spanish tom

Next we have the english Toms, that were from the tesco seed kit. You can find more info on them in previous blog posts.

First English tomato. – 1x grown indoors on a south facing window sill, watered every day same as the spanish tomato up until the 16th July. Put outside in a 8inch wide by 7inch high pot. This one had also split into a Y shape, 2ft 2inches tall, 1 tiny green tomato, lots of flowers and most of the bottom leaves went yellow and had to be picked off.

Second English Tomato. – Grown out doors in a pot 8 + 1/2 inches wide by 8inches high from the second of june… 35 days old. 1Ft 2 inches tall, no split in stalk, flower buds but no tomatos…in full sun from 3pm onwards.

Third set English Tomato. – Grown out doors in the ground in our little veggy patch which has filtered sun from 1pm onwards from 2nd june all three are 1ft tall, 2 are flowering, one has a green tomato. these are watered rarely, if it hasn’t rained in a few days i will give them a bit.
Last set of english toms 🙂 – grown outdoors in a planter from the second of june, full sun for most of the day rarely watered! All flowering, 1ft tall, tiny green tomatos but rather scraggy looking 🙂

So what do you recon… tomatos to go with a salad at some point? Hmmm well at least i know they have had no type of chemicals in them at all, just water sun and tlc.

And lastly here is our veggy patch now…

veggy patch