Made to make your eyes water πŸ™‚

Hehe that will teach me to mumble wont it? I went in to go up a size with my earing today….. Ear lobe stretching! ouch!!

*cue wibbly memory leap back to when i was 14* 1988! eek hehe. I had one set of holes in my ears, my mum let me get them done when i was 8 or 9 but i always had trouble with them. I couldn’t wear certain types of jewellery as it made the holes really sore, and i always had little lumps which im guessing were scar tissue?? So anyways at 14 i decided to pierce myself haha!

Armed with a needle, hair grip, ear stud and some antiseptic i set about it. Wasn’t really that bad, made more noise than anything else, like polistyrene πŸ™‚ Anyways after doing it i went out of my bedroom and totally forgot i still had my hair gripped back! Man did my mum go mental haha… i still have that hole today tho, plus i have never had any problems with it. So i would say piercing with a needle rather than a gun is best for my flesh πŸ™‚

*wibble back to today*

so i went into the shop where i have been going for the last month, to go up one size…im guessing the plain silver hoop i started with before the 1.2mm was the standard size that all earings come in? Then i went from the 1.2mm up to the 1.6mm and the last one was a 2mm… none of which were any problem. With the 2mm, the bloke said he might have to stretch it but it just slipped right through. Well i had been tugging on it haha. πŸ™‚ So anyways i went in and said can i go up a size please which should of meant from the 2mm up to a 2.4mm or 10ga…..


gauge chart

gauge chart info from

The girl siad what size is the one in your ear, i said 2mm so ill want a 2.4mm please but she only heard the last bit. So when she had dug out the BCR [Ball closure ring] a shiney black one with pointy bits where it holds the ball in, and said this size ok? i just went yeah not even noticing the size! Dink likes shiney πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

I pop myself up on the bench thingy, and the girl does her thing with the antiseptic stuff, gets her pliar things out un clips the old silver one…mean while my friend Sar pipes up “are you having a bad day?” to the girl… we laughed about that one after of course…. but meanwhile shes got this stretching tool out that i haven’t seen. So yeah, the next thing i know the girl has pushed this through my earlobe, and ive turned my head to look at Sar with a look of OUCH! on my face haha. Its like a really bad burning sensation, let me put it this way, open your mouth really wide then jam your fingers inside and pull your mouth open even more πŸ™‚ Or if u have had a baby its kinda the sharp ouch you get as the baby crowns haha.. but obviously in your ear! I was not expecting that. But yeah it was over in 30 seconds and my new jewelary is now in place.

I was told to salt water wash my ear twice a day, which after going up 2 gauges you really dont want to touch yer ear let alone get salt on it! It will calm down in a few days when my flesh has got over the shock, its surprizing how heavy this little piece of metal is. Anyways i decided to treat myself and ordered 20quids worth of earings, 2X 8ga UV Solid Plugs one in red and one in blue… 1x Vertebrae Tribal Pincher with Captive Bead Ring, same as a BCR but it has pieces cut out of it…1x Steel Flesh Tube… 1x Steel Stretching crescent and a pair of Ring Opening Pliers so i dont have to go back to the shop everytime i want my rings changed haha. *excited* its been ages since i treated me πŸ™‚

Now i just have to be satisfied with have a 8ga slightly stretched lobe… hahaha *evil laugh*

Edit…on recieving my new 3.2mm or 8ga jewellery my new hole may even be a 6ga which is 4mm, or 3 gauges bigger than my original holes of…2mm…at the mo i really cant tell, but then i guess it depends where you get yourear rings from eh? need for it to heal so i can takethe current BCR out and measure it.Β  I might even invest in some bigger rings! πŸ™‚ hehe