journaleer homework

Homework for the week of August 1, 2006

Write about a time you forgot to do something important, or semi-important because it just plain slipped your mind. Come on, we all know that we’ve all done it at one point or another. Fess up! How did you handle the situation? Did you come clean, tell an excuse, or a little white lie? How did people react?

And a little creativity:
Come up with 10 amusing excuses for why you forgot to do something.

Hmmm i have been thinking about this one and the only thing i can think of is the one time i was in town with my friend sarah, not that long ago either, and i was having such a fun time that i forgot to get the right bus home to collect my daughter from school.  I was a bit freaked by that.  The buses dont run that frequently, and i had to ring the school up and get them to watch my daughter until i got there, 10 minutes late!  How embarrising hehe.

10 Excuses….

1. I was watching the skys for aliens.
2. I put my brain in the wash.

3. Im really not in a creative mood! even if i was i dont think i could do this lol.

How bad is that eh?  I guess i failed this homework 🙂