Life has been a bit stressy lately to say the least but i think its pretty much sorted now….so i shall do one big update to fill u all in 🙂 haha
Dink news…

To flog or not to flog??

I made the mistake of buying a camera that i didn’t want with which ive hardly taken any photos with. Plus Its way too heavy for little girly hands and doesn’t do macro, to be honest i thought it might hmmm blah blah shhh *edited out*  But anywhoooo im thinking that i might sell it and get a lighter macro taking thing… like a box with a magnifying glass and a torch attached to it.

Any ideas? recomendations?? Im not gonna get my money back on a canon 350D now am i? i should of taken Pud away on holiday! gah. Tell me im stupid please 🙂


Should i stretch some more? Or am i really happy at a 6ga [4mm]

I cant decide if i want to go bigger with my ear or not… hmmm.  I am tempted, there is a beautiful star plug i have my eyes on and its a couple of sizes bigger.  *eyes twinkling*   After all its not that much pain really… oooh im hoping to go and get more ink next weekend…fingers crossed.  If i do i shall post a shot or two or three 🙂  We are taking my friends 15 year old daughter along, who has asked for a belly piercing or a tattoo, her mum said she could have the latter as she recons the sound of th gun will put her off 🙂  who will crack first??

Ooh i got my jewelary the other week in the post, the bits from the UK site came in a day or two the stuff from the usa took longer but its all really nice…plus i found out that i am a 6ga [4mm] and not the size i brought a 3.2mm [8ga] but i solved that problem by buying a 4mm [6ga] flesh tube and super gluing one of the 3.2mm [8ga] acrylic plugs inside it… ok so i had to get help with the super glue i would of so stuck mu fingers together!

whats going on in the garden?

Garden fun!

I haven’t updated about the veggie patch lately… hmm.  The chillis went mental with a ton of flowers but i have ended up with one plant with 1chilli on and the other has 3, all are green and are about 2and a half inchs long.

The tomatos have not really grown in height since i updated.  The spanish one was doing really well but the biggest tomato got knocked off whilst still green and i thought it wouldn’t change colour, but after leaving it on the window sill for a few weeks its a lovely ripe red!  Pud and i are going to eat it tomorrow. The others are pretty random… i have one in the ground and one that are in a pot that have no toms on.  The ones in the planter have the most i think 3 or 4 each… the spanish has 3 and the english in a pot has 6!!  The others in the ground have a couple each… but sadly they are all still green and the plants look like they have seen better days.  So yea watch this space for how they end up. 🙂

We have sweetcorn!  Weird plants… i did not know that the flower comes out the top and then the cobs grown down the stem, plus u can get more than one plant to a cob.  Cool eh?  So yea we are expecting a couple of sets of twins and a few singles.  Cant wait to eat them.

Oh and we also have one gourd which you cant eat and i saw some potato flowers for the first time ever…they are purple! woohoo hehe…dunno if its had any baby spuds tho, its in a pot with hardly any mud 🙂

New arrivals!

Pud and i got some babies 🙂 🙂 stay tuned to see the pics!
thats all for now im wiped! went and got hammered at luchtime and im paying for it now lol.

Laters ppl!