This is Flipper one of our new gold fish.  This one is Puds, i believe it to be a fantail fish, which means he has two tails, you can just see them both here.

Im new to keeping fish, i deffinatly dont like eating fish but these are quite pretty to watch.  We have 3 in total, flipper who is mainly orange on the top and white/silver on the bottom.  I call it a he for easy as i dont know how to tell what sex it is! you can find that out here… mine wont keep still long enough for me to look! haha. Flipper is poorly at the moment, fish find it stressful travelling, it came out in spots!  I have been treating her/him/it for white spot but the dots do not seem to be going so i might have to treat it for something else.

Mine is also a fantail, i called it ork, he is mainly white/silver with an orange spot on the top of his head. This one seems to be the dominant fish of the tank and chases the other fish around the tank at feeding time!  He also has boyancy issues… hmm.  Im looking into this, people have said not to expect him to last long but i have read on a fish forum that it may just be constipation haha.

The other one is called Sarah and is a silver orfe she is quite shy and not that pretty to look at, but cool just the same.

The set up cost me about £35 in total, that was for the tank, gravel, pump, food, and water treatments.  It is only a small tank and holds about 11litres of water.  The fish were all under £3 each 🙂 which we had to get the day after the tank… I am having trouble keeping the water clear at the moment, fish tanks have to be balanced… this takes practice.  Water changes have to be done regualarly (check out that spelling heehee)  But you cant just put in tap water it has to be treated first.  Measuring doses etc etc can be quite time consuming so dont think its just a case of buy the fish and let them get on with it…the set up time and getting the tank to be ok takes longer than you think.

Our fish are quite small at the moment, and 3 is the maximum we can have in our little tank.  If i had know they were going to be this addictive to watch i would of brought a bigger tank and more fantails 🙂