journaleer homework

Homework for the week of the 3rd July.

Think back over the last six months. Go ahead, think for a moment before reading the rest of this entry.

What memory sticks out most in your mind? Why? Was it a fleeting moment, or something that had been stewing for months? Is it a moment at all, or maybe just a feeling, a situation? A triumph? Tragedy? Something in between?

Its been a funny few months, the main memory that sticks in my mind is the one thing i do not wish to think about or talk about on here.  So i shall tell you about my second memory 🙂

I got asked a while back to do a 5KM race for life run with my sister.  I am not a very active person, and up until a year ago last may 2005, i smoked. In fact i smoked from the age of 15 till i got pregnant at 25, quit for 3 years then started again so i smoked for a total of 14years!  So giving up and staying smoke free for a year is a big acheivement in itself 🙂 yay go me! So yea anyway back to my big triumph… i think we had about 2 months to train for the run.  It may sound along time but trust me, when you have a child and no regular babysitter, and a sister that does a 50hour week at work and 2jobs yourself then its hard to find time, but yea we managed to train now and again.  We started off with little jogs/fast walks… i was amazed at how fit my sister was, she still smokes but never gets worn out or out of breath!  I found running/jogging a killer!  My body just did not like it lol. 🙂

So yea we trained, and i noticed it does not take alot of exercise to tone my body up, bonus!! haha.  I brought myself new running shoes i would definatly recommend paying out for a decient pair.  I brought a cheap pair to start off with and they were not absorbing the impact, so the jolt up through my legs was effecting my knees big time. So yea invest in a good pair of trainers!

I would also say train harder than you think you need to… the course we ended up doing was around the Eden Project in Cornwall, which if you have not been to it is a really hilly site.  The 3 miles or 5Km around there seemed like 10miles compared to the flat 5km runs we had been doing!

I guess the memory i am trying to tell you about would be the actual run, the atmosphere was amazing.  2000 runners and 2000 people watching, in a beautiful setting, on my 32 birthday, with the people i love, for a great cause plus i was smoke free!  Running it was hell mind… haha.  I got so hot and ran harder and faster than i have since i was at school, [i used to be the fastest at the 100m back then 🙂 ]  getting near the end and almost giving up and there was my little girl shouting her lungs out in support for me and my sis… what an amazing acheivement.  Crossing the line wow! I dont think i would of crossed the finish line with such a big smile on my face if Pud hadn’t been there, so i thank my family for their support, and i thank my sister for asking me to do it and encouraging me with my training when i felt i could not carry on. 🙂

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