journaleer homework

Homework for the week of august 28th 2006.
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Write a list of 20 rules you have broken.

If you want to get more in-depth, tell us why you broke them!

1. i buy books and never quite get round to reading them.

2. i really dont like to share but i tell my daughter she should as its nice. (do what i say not what i do hehe)

3. i swear ( a little too often) infront of and at people who dont need to hear that type of language.

4. i smoked alot of pot when i was younger and liked it alot 🙂 thats prolly why i did it dont you think?

5. i got really drunk underage (14!), missed my curfew and my mum called the police.
6. i got someone to buy ciggys for me when i was underage.(15) i was asked for ID up until my 21st birthday haha.

7. i lied to my boss when i was a saturday girl…one of my mates rang up pretending to be my mum saying i was ill, my boss got sus and rang my house my mum went mental hehe.

8. i more than likely skipped a day off school by fakin illness, but i never pretended to go to school and then skived off. My mum always knew where i was.

9. i cheated on a b/f with a married man when i was 19. I got caught and beaten up for my sins lol. what goes around comes around may i add!

10. i used to sometimes drive to fast in my car, and be pillion on a bike that often broke the speed limit. (now i dont do either)
11. i once borrowed a library book and never returned it.

12. i saw a friend shoplift and never reported it. (i can however put my hand up to never stealing anything myself)

13. i told my daughter a fib about burying her goldfish, i put it in the bin 😦 *oh the shame* well at least i didnt flush it down the loo. My goldfish went in the composter! blummin duff goldfish grr.

14. I eat with my elbows on the table, like other journaleersdo so i see hehe.

15. …i do my journaleer homework and instead of posting it on live journal like everyone else i post it here!

16… i start things and never quite finish them!

18… how do you see rules anyway? 😀 mine might be more relaxed or stricter than yours….hmm i cant think of anymore…maybe i should look back through my list of the most outragous things 🙂