I kept a food log from wed 30th Aug to wed 6th sept 2006.

This is what i ate and drank in that time!

Tea x 23

Orange Squash x 5

Coffee x 1

Vodka and coke x 5

Vodka and tango orange x 1

Quantro shot x 1

1/2 bottle of fizzy orange.


7 x Home made cup cakes with icing.

1 x chocolate fudge brownie.

1 x chocolate bar

1 x crunchie

1 x spiral

1 x kinder egg

2 x packet hard boiled annaseed sweets

1 x packet of sour skittles

1 x apple lolly

a few fruit allsorts.

3 x flapjack slices.


1 x pickled onion crisps.

2 x Packet chilli Doritos


branflakes with semi skimmed milk.

Dried museli

3 x Shreddies with semi slimmed milk.


Scrambled eggs and ham

Thai Chilli beef + basmalti rice

Pasta with tuna and sweetcorn in a mustard sauce.

2 x Special fried rice

1 x prawn crackers

Chicken with sauce and brown rice.

1/2 pepperami thin crust Pizza


Cous cous with scrambled egg, ham and onion, with salad (tomato and lettuce)

Chicken pie, with boiled potatos, peas, carrots and gravy


1 x Peanut butter and jam sandwich on brown bread

1 x Slice brown toast with butter and marmite.

1 x slice of brown bread and butter.

1 x slice of cheese on toast.


i would just like to say i am totally disgusted by my diet! i am really good at making sure that Pud has lots of fruit and veg, but as you can see from this i very rarely have fruit or veg. Deffinatly not 5 a day!!

I think that will be my new years resolution haha, well that gives me time to learn how to cook and start to get into a routine so that in the new year i can just start to do it and keep at it, or so the theory goes. hmmm ill work on that one!