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Not Named [card]

Not Named [card] by ickledink

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Yup, thats me near naked haha.  Ok so i am but u cant see it 😀  I made this photomanipulation back in dec 2004 but never felt comfortable showing it until this year.  I had a low self image which i am just, and i mean ‘just’ starting to get over!  The weirdest things can effect how you see yourself, up until the point you will then twist anything to make it fit what you have been repeated told!  My advice… believe how you feel about you and not let anyone else tell you negative stuff, be it their idea of a joke or what ever.  You know whats right in your eyes.  Then when you least expect it you will see you as you are and not what you have been told you are 🙂 now if u followed that then hey…go you! 😉 lol.

Sleep deprivation is a wonderful thing :p