From my past.. June 8th 2005…Been contemplating time stuff hehe….. heres some links to while away your time if you have a touch of insomnia.

How Our Sense of Time Flow is Created

A 28 hour day??

how to depress yourself in one easy click haha

Useless dates related to your birthday

This point in time im around about *coff* 11312 days old or you could make that 271509 hours or 16290545 minutes or 977432751 seconds and u got alot of numbers!! 😀

im nearly 51 in Venus years but only 16 and a half in Mars years… on saturn im just over 1 but on Mercury id be almost 130!! 🙂 Think thats bad? on Pluto ive got 217 years till im born!! 😀 Enjoy.