see what the web knows about you!

dink is cool and fun  oh yes i am
dink is a laser
dink is not a model car of the 50’s
dink is another bond woman who only appears very briefly shhh!!
dink is a windows 95 based svga masterpiece
dink is a great game
dink is my favorite
dink is a word game based on rhymes
dink is a stereotypical fantasy hero indeed i am!
dink is naturally curious
dink is an annoying
dink is a pig
dink is a computer hacker and must defeat herbert the leader of some strange organization named fbi
dink is the best tv show ever produced
dink is the best game ever made
dink is a loose collective of inventive and creative technicians
dink is learning well the lessons of how to make enemies and influence people to slice your tires
dink is incredibly fun and has various features like spells
dink is different
dink is frequently sophomoric and often politically incorrect
dink is one of the things about the program that i remember most vividly
dink is the duck with a dick lol
dink is a pedal
dink is dumb
dink is meant to be static
dink is a fifteen year old thoroughbred known for being mischievous
dink is great for kids who love dinosaurs
dink is probably best
dink is another classic
dink is tired of pig farming and decides to join the king’s army
dink is pink i think but after sex its blue

haha…. whats it say about u lot? come tell me your faves please.