whats going on in the garden?
Whats the deal with people looking for green tomato recipes? 🙂

well my 2Lb of toms are on the windowsill, some have gone off and some have gone red yay!  I will try cookin them soon before they all go manky!  Home grown organic (is it?) veg does not last long… looks pretty ugly too haha.  I might try a nice tomato sauce for my pasta on the weekend… chopped tomatos, onions, and garlic, some herbs, a bit of chilli , some pepper and Worcestershire sauce, maybe a bit of veggy stock boil it all up and then simmer it down, maybe sieve it to make it nice and smooth… hmm.  Dink cooking is pretty random make it up as ya go along 🙂 But yea deffinatly gotta try the fried tomato thing…is it nice?  I shall let you know!