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Homework, Oct. 15, 2006: Forget about it!

Submitted by thepolliwog:

Finish the following sentence and elaborate.

“I honestly wish I could forget about _______________”.

I honestly wish I could forget about …..all the little niggles i have going on in my head about my insecurities, about my faults, what i think im doing wrong in the way im bringing up my child… all the little voices that tell me im crap, or doing it that way will be frowned upon blah blah blah 🙂


23rd-Oct-2006 10:09 pm – Homework, October 23, 2006: Uninspiration…

So your homework this week is to write about what inspires you. Some ways to do this:

1) Make a list.
2) Write a paragraph or two.
3) Write about a particularly inspiring moment in your life, or when inspiration struck unexpectedly.
4) Do this any other way you are “inspired” to!


I am currently uninspired, i think! 🙂 Busy listening to the crap in my head which is why i would like to forget about it! What normally inspires me? People do, a certain picture or creation, certain events…. but at the mo i really do not feel like writing about it. So dink gets minus 10 points for not doing a good job with this weeks homework.


sorry ppl.