I admit it i have a sweet tooth, infact i recon most of my teeth are sweet. But i sadly have an addicton… i confess, im addicted to aniseed imperials.

Whats in these delicious sweeties? πŸ™‚


  1. Sugar….. A sweet crystalline or powdered substance, white when pure, consisting of sucrose obtained mainly from sugar cane and sugar beets and used in many foods, drinks, and medicines to improve their taste. {rotten teeth and increased calorie intake}
  2. Gelatine….. A colorless or slightly yellow, transparent, brittle protein formed by boiling the specially prepared skin, bones, and connective tissue of animals and used in foods, drugs, and photographic film. Gelatin is also known as E number E441. {a tiny chance of getting CJD if infected animal parts are used}
  3. Stearic acid….. A colorless, odorless, wax like fatty acid, CH3(CH2)16COOH, occurring in natural animal and vegetable fats and used in making soaps, candles, lubricants, and other products.
  4. Hydrogenated vegetable fat….. liquid oils have hydrogen bubbled through them in a process called hydrogenation to improve their texture, flavour and shelf life. The resulting product is a more solid fat, called hydrogenated fat or hydrogenated vegetable oil, which goes on to be used as an ingredient in many processed foods. Foods containing these ingredients also contain trans fats – and these are thought to be as harmful to heart health as saturated fat. Unfortunately, there are no legal requirements for food manufacturers to label trans fats and few choose to do so. Trans fats cause significant and serious lowering of HDL (good) cholesterol and a significant and serious increase in LDL (bad) cholesterol; make the arteries more rigid; cause major clogging of arteries; cause insulin resistance; cause or contribute to type 2 diabetes; and cause or contribute to other serious health problems.
  5. Flavourings-???
  6. Colours E172-Iron Oxides and Hydroxides- Toxic at ‘high doses’, banned in Germany., E122( Suspicious ?)-Carmoisine / Azorubine Colour – Red May increase hyperactivity in affected children. Asthmatics sometimes react badly. Take care if you are sensitive to Aspirin. Not recommended for consumption by children. Whilst being a commonly used colour in the UK, its use is banned in Japan, Norway, Sweden and the United States.
  7. Glazing Agent (carnauba wax E903) – hard yellowish to brownish wax from leaves of the carnauba palm used especially in floor waxes and polishes.

So there you have it i am addicted to crap! Clogged arteries, rotten teeth yummy! As it happens i do not have a filling in my head πŸ™‚ Not bad for an old girl eh? hehe Funny how im addicted to the aniseed and there is not any in it! Or rather they dont list them. Weird.

Not gonna stop me eating my concoction of sugar, melted skin+bones, fat, trans fats, wax and E numbers. MMMMMM πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Will it stop you?

Useful links. Uk guide to additives Food Additives CSPI Food Safety.