journaleer homework

Homework, Week of November 13, 2006: One Related, One Not
Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

1. Make one goal for the week that is journaling related.

Some ideas: Set a certain number of entries you want to write. Or a certain number of pages. Or decide you are finally going to sit down and write about a particular topic in depth that you’ve been meaning to cover.

2. Make one goal for the week that is NOT journaling related.

There is only one restriction on both of these goals. It must be something measurable. Make sure that when you set your goal, it is something you can actually say, “I have accomplished this.” Don’t say, “I want to journal more.” Say, “I want to journal more than last week, and I wrote 2 entries last week, so this week I need to write at least 3.”

3. Come into journaleers and tell us what your goals are.

You don’t have to tell us if you completed them. You don’t have to tell us why you chose these goals. Just tell us what the goals are.

More than anything, my goal with this homework is to hear from many of you. Seeing what your journaling goals are may give me some ideas on what to do next.


1. Im gonna try for 3 online journal entries, and a couple of paper journal entries 🙂

2. One of my goals over at 43 things is to spend at least 10 minutes a day cleaning my house, well i have been really good and have almost got that off to a tee 😉 What i would really like to do is have a serious de-clutter! I am really good at attracting chaos and clutter, the more i tidy the messier my house becomes hehe so i am hoping this week to tackle one room or cupboard or something… i started with the garage yesterday, after 2 hours it was still a tip but i had 3 bin bags of recycling/charity shop/and refuse. yay. so fingers crossed. I will update at the end of the week 🙂 on my way now 😀