Journaleer Homework.

journaleer homework

Welcome to where im going to do my journaleer homework. Homework at 31?? Are you mad… nah, well ok lol. I do this by choice, i find it fun. Its all to do with the bookcrossing community…

Take a look at the Journaleer Homework other bookcrossers have submitted via the journaleer project page on Live journal. There are lots of interesting people with great thoughts there.. or you can ask the question…

BookCrossing Logo
What is Bookcrossing all about??

n. the practice of leaving a book in a public place to be picked up and read by others, who then do likewise.
(added to the Concise Oxford English Dictionary in August 2004)

It's Easy!
Firstly you read a book… any old book will do, but good ones are even better.
Next you register it at BookCrossing, where you can leave a review or journal comment telling others what you thought.
You will also get a BookCrossing ID Number (BCID) which you need to put in the book…you can get labels for this purpose.
Finally set your book free! Make release Notes, leave it somewhere and then people can hunt it down.
Or you could just give it to a friend… the BCID lets the person who 'finds' it to log it on BookCrossing and create a journal entry so you are able to track your 'wild' books travels.
Cool eh?
If you decide to sign up to Bookcrossing… Click here.
Please use ickledink
as the refferal name
See the books I've set free at:





2 thoughts on “Journaleer Homework.”

  1. 28th sept…i caught my first wild book 😀 😀 yay!

  2. Oh I so love this bookcrossing idea!! It’s Genius!

    I’m going exploring! 🙂

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