Tattooerly addicted ;)

The more ink i get the more naked i feel! 🙂

Well after my first tattoo 11 years ago! i always new i wanted more but the right design hadn’t popped into my head. I finally got all my stars done last october since then i have been been wanting more, and more, and more! The addiction gets bigger… hmm

So on the 20th may 2007 i went and got some swirls and shadows added to my chest stars, i nearly cried when i looked in the mirror. They were beautiful!

So now i have the ink of 3 artists in my flesh.
Tony from Tony’s tattoo studio in Reigate/London Uk
Mike from Spike@the art in Plympton/Plymouth Uk
Terry from Inkredible ink on International Drive Orlando/Florida Usa

yay go me 🙂


Whats new Pussy cat?… wooaahhaoaa


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Haha That title sounds so much better if you sing it tom jones stylieee

So i have done it! 11 Beautiful butterfly brushes created by the dink for you lot to use in your photoshop creations. Its been over 10 months since i made my last set of brushes so be honest with the critisism but be kind, pretty please!

They are in large sizes, the smallest being 388px and the largest being a whopping 1035px! Most are closer to the 500px mark.

I think they are one of my prettiest sets yet, would of been nice to of had some live butterflies to work with, but hey, im all for recycling and bringing these dead ones back to life is kinda smile inducing.
So enjoy them and please drop me a line or two so i can go see what you have created weather you use my brushes or not.

Sweet dreams all-Dink

Its that time of year again!

whats going on in the garden?

So me un Pud finally shifted the pile of mud thats been sittin down the side of our house for the last year [it cant be that long can it?] Hmm well it was there on May the 4th 06 [See!] We both did a little cheer, and Pud said how proud she was of herself. We did put at least 5 hours of digging and moving, un not once did i ask Pud to help. Dear of her! She also planted some bulbs in our much bigger rockery [pics to follow] Then we started on our yummy compost. mmm what was that thing?? haha. Feels good to of created something from our peelings, grass cuttings, old bills, tea bags and hair cuts!

Soon be time to start the seedlings 🙂

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