health and fitness

Not long till me and my sister do the race for life! We have been training as much as possible over the last month, yes i know it should of been longer but due to me having to go into hospital etc we kinda waited till all that had passed and i was medicated.

Anyways, we started off by doing some fast walking, i walk to and from school twice a day to pick up my kid so walking is not a problem 🙂 you may think that sounds weird but i have a couple of friends that cant stand walking! So yea i think we did a couple of fast walks till we both got some ‘trainers’ these were not the correct of shoes to wear and the first time we ran in them it was not that much fun lol.

I couldnt believe it the first time we did go out for a run, to feel my body move like that was quite funny to say the least and me and my sister kept bursting into fits of laughter! 😀 Over all i think we covered 3 miles ish, we still dont know how far it is as we have not measured it… anyways it goes round in a big loop. Starting at my house, going through the woods, up a masive long hill then on a long twisty slight hill down back to my house. Running on the main road is bad enough but at least there is a pavement! I would not really recomend running on country lanes, people seem to drive faster and closer to the hedge! Very scary. So yea after that run it took 2 hours for my face to return to its normal colour from red haha. I was doing way more walking than running and found that even with my new posh running shoes my knees felt my weight crashing down on them and my achilles tendon was really tight and would hurt like crazy walking up hills, especially long ones! 🙂

Each time we went out for a run/walk i tried to push myself for a little longer and a little harder, and it is not easy all the time! I can be a right lazy git 🙂 My face is getting less red for less time 🙂 yay! i am finding that my body is starting to tone up and i dont feel things moving about so much (no comment haha) i still find it funny when we run in time tho.

My sister is a great motivator, so today when she felt like doing a short distance i encouraged her to do the 3mile triangle circuit with me 🙂 she will thank me. Anyway she will be fine, what with her being 5 foot 10 and me at 5 foot 1, i have to run faster/take more steps to keep up with her 🙂 Plus considering she is a smoker and i quit a year ago she is amazingly fit. Or maybe she does not have a pain threshold or maybe she has tons of staminer?? who knows but hell shes alot or seems to be alot fitter than i am!

So yeah, we then went and decided to run from my house to our parents home. That works out at 3.6miles or nearly 6000 odd steps which i swear is wrong. We did it in 44 minutes which is good for us 🙂 A week before a mum from up the school did 13 miles in 1 hour 40 but we wont go into that haha. I will never be that fast! ever 😉 But we did it and that was a big thing for us…after which we had a big meal down the pub and i drank too much acohol lol.

So this week being our last week to train we are gonna fit in as many sessions as we can with out killing ourselves. Im going to be forcing my sponsor form down peoples throats (which may i add i hate doing!) and then after the race on sunday my sister has voved to give up running. Me im belive it or not quite getting into it! OMG i must be comming down with something lol.